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Beware of
breeders who:

1. Do Not guarantee the quality and good health of their dogs in writing

2. Are difficult to contact or will not return calls

3. Do not have references from satisfied owners

4. Breed puppies in "puppy factories"

5. Sell "quality" animals inexpensively

6. Claim to be very experienced, if you have doubts check with the AKC.














English Toy Spaniel Puppies,English Toy Spaniel Breeder, King Charles Spaniels, E.T’s
Breeding for Excellence,
Soundness, Confirmation and Disposition

These little sweeties are truly a gift, put here on earth to enlighten our hearts.

615 230-0006
please leave message if no answer.

We have no puppies coming at this time.

a special thanks to the family that hired a private plane to get your special pup Mo.

Palo Alto, CA
Little Tito in his new home.
December 28th 2009


' A Little Beam of Light ' This is little Tito sold to his new home in Palo Alto California sold at 1 year old . For Some reason he was the last one sold from a litter of three we had a year ago from our last and only litter no one seemed to want to buy him and we could not understand why as he was so beautiful, healthy and precious fully trained by us to ride on the car I guess the right person had to come along God was waiting to send the perfect home he has now gone to and we have received this lovely e- mail we are now sharing from a previous English Toy owner in his forever home.

His name is now Dex. Well Aileen it took us a couple of days to completely bond, but with persevering "Dex" is house broken. He barks when he wants to go outside and mishaps in the last three days. He is so sweet I hate to put him down, though we are trying to get his harness trained for some good walks. He adores running around the yard....and since I guess I have been chosen as #1 mom, He collects sticks and grass to be put in his bed and his pride has no end when I say "good boy"-----I think he is making a nest for me.

He is easily the sweetest dog I have known and makes me want to get up each morning to see him sleeping in my arms.

Thank you for this tiny beam of light.

ALBERT Sold to a great home also in California

One of our little ruby females in her forever home.



SOLD  to a great home in Boston Massachusetts

 Cutie Gabor here she is in an update 2 years later in her forever home

SOLD to Todd and Mark in San Francisco
”We are totally in love with both we have named them Spencer and Sophie!”
What can I say except that God sent us two really wonderful gifts.
Aileen, you did such a wonderful job raising them.
It's so obvious they were well loved and we guarantee you they always will be.
All the best, Todd.


Here are shots of Boomer and Biscuit we took at the office this week. We had a play area fenced in so they can take fresh air breaks while at the office. I regularly take them with me to the bank, accountant, etc and everyone looks forward to their visits. I only take one at a time. They are wonderful puppies and we are already in love with them.

Sold to the wonderful forever home in Alabama.

Sold to her forever home in Westport Connecticut glad she is so well behaved.


One of our Sold Pups in their Forever Home


 Two of Our Sold English Toy Spaniels
Thank You Michele for flying here again to pick up number 2.
Gwinne her and Ari are cute together and I know they have a great home.


Like his sister (below), he will have a gorgeous
thick coat. Has nice boning, a wonderful domed head, nice ear set, and excellent confirmation.
An outgoing personality (he follows you everywhere!)
We were going to keep him and show him, but are moving.
Home raised, the only pup we have — must go to special loving home.

(Little Sister to male pictured above)

Little female sweetest personality.
Gorgeous domed head. Wonderful coat great ear set and eyes.

Winston ‘WIN’ (for short) in his new home.
One of our little ones sold to Marjorie in
North Carolina
Aristotle - in his new home!


"Little baby doll"

To the Moir family in Phoenix. Thank You for buying this lovely little sweet girl and for reading the dog whisperer.


Thank you Joanne for trusting me enough and liking your second guy from me as much as your first baby boy you bought from me - and for being such a wonderful home for both!


A Big Thanks To You, Marilyn and Eddie for loving my little dogs so much and for adding  Sparkle, Dom and Bella to your family!  I guess the next time you fly to Paris you will have to take that new Big Jet so you can take all three with you. Love, Aileen

Ruby Male


Adorable tri male.

To All My Valued Customers Past and Future

For the last five years several members, including a board member, of the English Toy Club of America have been spreading false and malicious information about me, my breeding program and my dogs. These people have never met me and have only seen my dogs in the show ring where they were handled by professional handlers during the process of winning championships. It is an unfortunate reality in the dog breeding world that some breeders would try to make up for their own inadequacies by telling lies about competing breeders.

I have been a hobby breeder for over 25 years. I believe in breeding the best or not breeding at all. If you are interested in one of my dogs, call me for a list of references from people who have bought dogs from me and are satisfied and happy with their animals. Ethical treatment of my animals, my customers and my competitors is the most important thing to me. The depths to which some of the English Toy Spaniels Club members have gone to try to tear down a competing breeder is a sad commentary about the dog breeding world, and the quality of some of the people who inhabit it.

I just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


Monarch's daughter, Chenille's "YSATIS"
was awarded US AKC Champion on December 12th 2003.


A special thanks to Diana Schlizzi, International Breed Judge, for allowing us the privilege of importing him from England. He is sound with excellent eyes and coat, O.F.A: certified and patella checked excellent. His daughter is now following in his footsteps and on her way to obtaining her championship!


The HIT of Brick, NJ

Here's a letter from Louie's owner.
We're so-o-o proud!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful! Hopefully you received the pictures of Louie with his diploma and ribbon for obedience. He and I have just begun the 8 week class for Therapy training. If all goes well (and no one can see a reason why it shouldn't) Louie and I will then visit VERY sick children and also work with a new program with the library which focuses on the reading of handicapped children. Louie is the HIT of Brick, NJ. Thanks for bringing him into my life.

Bill K.

Louie's At It Again!

Thought I'd let you know that "LOUIE" has successfully become a Registered Therapy Dog after his training with Kindred Souls in Howell, N.J. and tested and evaluated by The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. In addition "Louie" successfully passed the Advanced Therapy Dog exam given by Kindred Souls. On the same evening Louie passed the Canine Good Citizen test given by the American Kennel club.

Three tests!!!!!One Evening!!!!!!!!!!Three successes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad for a 9.5lb lovable little guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Huh?

I have decided to continue with advanced obedience classes which are designed for dogs that are being prepared to compete in obedience rings. (which has been suggested to me as a result of Louie apparent intelligence and abilities) If nothing else it is allot of fun for Louie. (and me too!)

Louie is going to volunteer to work as a therapy dog with a Reading Program designed for children with some learning/reading problems. This highly successful program is a Public Library project.

In addition Louie is going to become associated with the Hospice Program of Ocean County NJ and will be visiting very sick children.

And we have been asked to visit a number of nursing homes and will -as time allows -do so.

AS a breeder of beautiful and lovable dogs I thought you would appreciate hearing how wonderful Louie is maturing in these other areas.

Thank you again for bringing Louie into my life.

Bill K.

More About LOUIE

Good Morning Eileen:

Hopefully you have received this in a timely fashion.

First let me tell you about "Louie". I picked the breed as a result of two tests that I took which assist one in picking the right dog for themselves or family. I do not believe I had ever really seen an English Toy Spaniel up close. Anyway after taking these two tests this was the breed "MOST SUITED FOR ME, MY HOME and MY GOALS RELATED TO HAVING A DOG" Thus the introduction of Louie into my life. Louie was approx. 5 months old when I got him. From the moment I saw him in Newark Airport (Yes, both Aileen and I agreed and preferred to have a flight attendant friend of hers fly Louie personally to me for what I considered to be a fair price-note this worked our extremely well for Louie and all concerned) it was love.
Louie was, and has remained, bright, warm, friendly, confident and just plain great! (and I might add "MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN HIS PICTURES") YOU see, like you I had never purchased a dog using this method-the computer-the plane. The entire experience was and always has been wonderful.

Louie who has been a member of my household for approx 16 months. Today,a certified therapy dog ( one that came in FIRST in EVERY obedience class he's every taken) Which now numbers four. The trainer as most recently just stopped asking me if I would be interested in "SHOWING " Louie in obedience competition. ( I really have no time and/or interest in this ) Louie does visit hospitals, nursing homes, and through the health department in my county- Hospice situations for dying children. (Louie's size and temperament are VERY suited to this type of volunteer work) In addition Louie does work with children with learning disabilities in a reading program created my the Public Library in my area. To me however Louie is just a wonderful, loving, warm, fun little dog that goes just about everywhere with me. His has brought SO MUCH into my life that it would be impossible to tell you in an e-mail.

Now relative to Aileen and her business. Interesting I would now use the word business because as I went through the process of getting Louie it was more (Much more) of a personal thing. I really became to feel that I was getting a "part" of Aileen. She was VERY protective of her dog, where he was going, wanting and needing to be assured of his vet care, his home setting , etc. I have always told Aileen to feel free to use me, my name etc to assure people that "THIS IS A GOOD THING". I NEVER had any problems at all with Aileen or Louie.

Please allow me to wish you all the luck in the world with your dog. Also if you wish -feel free to write and update me on what's going with you and your new house mate.


PLEASE NOTE: English toy spaniels are not to be compared to the King Charles Cavaliers. With exception to their similar coloring, these are two distinct and very different breeds. Head type and size differ as well as their personalities. The King Charles Spaniel is rare, there are very few breeders, and high quality breeders may be difficult to find.

Don't Be Fooled!

I have heard of breeders who are intentionally spreading misinformation about their competition. This tactic may be used to compensate for their own inadequacies, and inferior quality dogs. Don't be fooled, check references, and speak with other owners who have purchased puppies from the same source.

I know my dogs are of the highest quality, and I will be happy to provide references, just ask.


Hi Aileen,

Mike and Shannon from Boston just checking in and saying HI! I'm sorry to hear about the competition slandering you but we couldn't be more happy with Riley and if you would like to use us for a ref. we would be honored. He is doing excellent and will be 4 in August. We would not hesitate to purchase another pup from you and would recommend others do the same. 

Hope everything's well, Mike


Sold September 7th, 2004

Thank you Doctor Titus for driving so far to pick her up. We think she went to the kind of home where she belongs! Thanks for allowing us to visit her. We are looking forward to getting new pictures of her!

A special thanks to Corinne Coffin in Brazil for flying Roberto Da Guia, your handler, and all-breed judge, all the way to Miami to pick out this special pup. We look forward to seeing our pup go on to become a world champion. We are flattered you chose him, and us for an opportunity to show off our high-quality dogs.
Thank you Tracy in Miami. We are so glad you came to visit us and fell in love with him. Thank you to the wonderful family in North Carolina. We know you will love this little guy. Thank you Alissa in Nassau County, New York. He is a doll and we are glad you like him.  

Thank You!
To the lovely family in West Virginia.

Thank you to the Monroe family in Corpus Christi, Texas. Thank you to the wonderful family in Austin, Texas for giving our pup such a
loving home. It's wonderful that divine intervention brought you to the dog you really wanted .

NOTE: If you are seriously interested in purchasing one of our pups call 615 230-0006 We'd love to sell you one, but please keep in mind we cannot compromise our prices. Our dogs are bred and cared for with the highest standards and no expense is spared. They come with a written money back guarantee. Accordingly, we do not sell discount dogs!

References provided upon request.
We may also request references from prospective families.


We have been exhibiting our English Toy Spaniels this past year. Two proved to be champions. They have been handled exclusively by professional handlers experienced in worldwide exhibitions in Europe and the United States.
Picture of our little English
toys at just a few months old.
Latest "Best of Breed" award, March, 2002.
Champion: Chenille's Master Clarence
We also own two English imports. One is our little female champion Lareve Lady Pandora (pictured below). Our little male (left) Chenille's Master Clarence, won the national specialty show puppy sweeps in the year 2000 and successfully went on to finish his championship. He received his majors in just two weekends, a feat for little English Toys.
We are proud of our little dogs and hope to continue our success in breeding the highest standard of excellence possible. We hope to be as accomplished in this breed as we have been with our Sharp-eis over the last 18 years.
Champion: Lareve Lady Pandora 

English Toy Spaniels are known by other names too. They are sometimes called "Charlies" or "King Charles Spaniels" or "ETs".

. ..

I make every effort to place each of my puppies in caring, loving homes. Even though my dogs are superior in every way, I prefer seeing my dogs go to families and individuals who are seeking companion pets rather than breeding stock.
Phone 615 230-0006


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